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Progressive Web Apps with Nico Martin

In this episode, I talk to Nico Martin about progressive web apps. Nico is the founder of say hello, a Switzerland based web agency focused on modern WordPress development. Nico knows a lot about progressive web apps and in this episode, he shares a lot of his knowledge.

Accessibility with Rian Rietveld

In this episode, I talk to Rian Rietveld about accessibility on the web. Rian works as an accessibility specialist at Level Level, a full-service agency based in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Rian also teaches accessibility with the A11y Collective.

From WordPress to Laravel with Zuzana Kunckova

In this episode, I talk to Zuzana Kunckova of Larabelles about moving from WordPress to Laravel. Zuzana is doing some really amazing community work with underrepresented developers in Laravel. Listen in to hear about some of the differences between WordPress and Laravel.

Growing & Scaling an Agency with David Vogelpohl

In this episode, I chat with David Vogelpohl, Vice President of Growth at WP Engine. Before joining WP Engine, David founded and ran his own agency Marketing Clique. Through his role at WP Engine, David is connected to thousands of agencies around the world and in this episode, he shares his thoughts on growing and scaling a successful agency.

Static, Headless & GraphQL with Jason Bahl

In this episode, I talk to Jason Bahl, the creator of the WP GraphQL plugin. Last year, Jason and his plugin joined Gatsby to work full time on making GraphQL more accessible to WordPress developers. Jason has a lot of knowledge to share about static and headless sites and, of course, GraphQL.

Gutenberg with Birgit Pauli-Haack

In this episode, I talk to Birgit Pauli-Haack about the WordPress block editor, Gutenberg. Birgit is the self appointed cheerleader for the Gutenberg project, she runs the Gutenberg Times website and is the host of the Gutenberg Changelog podcast. In this episodes we talk about how agencies should think about Gutenberg and what the future of the project looks like.

Building YIKES, Inc. with Tracy Levesque

In this episode I talk to Tracy Levesque about her agency YIKES, Inc. We cover a lot of important and interesting topics, such as diversity and inclusion. YIKES truly stands out by being a deeply ethics-based business, by being a certified B corp, a certified Womens' Business Enterprise and a certified LGBT Business Enterprise amongst other things. We can all learn a lot from YIKES and I'm excited to publish my interview with Tracy.

Recurring Revenue with Joe Howard

On this episode I talk to Joe Howard, the founder of WP Buffs and WPMRR. Joe is all about recurring revenue and if you're interested in how you can start to implement recurring revenue into your business you should listen to this episode.

Moving Into Products with Vito Peleg

In this episode I talk to Vito Peleg, the founder of WP Feedback. Vito and his team launched WP Feedback in the summer of 2019 and it was one of the most spectacular and well executed product launches I've seen in the WordPress space. This was manifested in more than $100,000 in sales in the first month. Listen to Vito unpack the journey from freelancer, to agency, to successful product business.

Productized Services with Brian Casel

In this episode of Billable Hours, I talk to Brian Casel. Brian is the founder of ProcessKit, a software tool that helps agencies document their processes and also helps them actually follow those processes. He's also the creator of the Productized online course and he runs his own productized service AudienceOps. Listen to hear Brian's advice on how to move from billable hours and into the world of productizing.

Billable Hours Season 1 Trailer

Welcome to Billable Hours, a podcast for all the WordPress agencies and freelance shops out there. My name is Peter, and on this show I bring on interesting people from all around the WordPress ecosystem to talk about what's moving in the world of client work.

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